Maryland Mall Shooting

Maryland Mall Shooting

The mall shooting in Maryland today took place less than 30 minutes away from me. An unfortunate incident indeed, my condolences and utmost sympathy goes out to family of the victims. In the same breath, I can’t help but wonder if the alleged shooter is a victim too. Now, I know that may seem controversial or perhaps its too early but it could very well be true.

I haven’t been keeping up with as much news, as often as I’d like, so I decided to do some much needed Internet browsing. What I stumbled upon on the front page of Huffington Post was shocking. There have been FIVE other shootings around the country and a [turned out to be] false shooting on a university campus in just the past 10 days. One on the campus of South Carolina University and one on the campus of Purdue. Not to mention other major public shootings (and bombings) which have taken place within the last 10-15 years. Some of whom have turned out to be government orchestrated events and/or live drills.

There is no evidence [yet] to prove today’s shooting was the result of the CIA MK Ultra program (which was used in the Colorado Batman theater shooting) but one has got to wonder, what the fxck is up with all these ‘random’ public shootings? Could it be that Americans are completely losing their minds under pressure of this Orwellian police state and capitalist system or is it all designed for a bigger purpose/agenda? We should all know by now the powers-that-be want to outlaw the 2nd amendment and strip the guns from the citizens. They know it is the last line of self defense from the authoritarian government we possess.


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