5 Simple Steps to Take Control of Your Life

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With all the negativity happening in the world, it can feel nearly impossible to thrive in such an environment. Each day seems to bring more challenges to survive, more enemies to despise, less freedom to savor, and less money to go around. We face a bombardment of things to fear, which limits our existence.

Indeed, the negative forces may appear to be prevailing.

World events seem quite real, especially if they touch our lives in some significant way, but they are really just happening “out there”. They only affect us if we let them affect us.

The same goes for fear. The fear we feel may seem warranted, but it’s only a feeling happening inside us. Understand that fear prevents us from escaping the cycle of control, and it keeps us paralyzed in the cycle of failure. Yes, there are real monsters with guns, laws that take away freedoms, and genuine economic difficulties. But fear of them is an illusion.

All of the things we complain about that are happening “out there” are out of our control until we can control what’s happening inside us. That starts with controlling our feelings and reactions to outside events. Thus, the only power we have to change these events is by changing ourselves. As such, we each possess immense power.

And it’s simple. It’s just a choice. Will it be economic despair or prosperity for you? Will you be strong and independent, or scared and dependent? It’s your decision, not someone else’s. And it’s time to decide.

Here are five simple steps to regain control of your life:

1. Overcome Fear:  As soon as you feel fear, recognize it as only a thought and consciously ask yourself why you’re afraid. Is the cause of fear an immediate threat to your safety or well being? If not, then it is completely illusory and should be discarded. More times than not, we fear things that may happen in the future, but haven’t yet actually happened to us. If we allow this fear to persist, we will likely attract the very things we fear. Push past these thoughts and concentrate, in fact meditate, on exactly the positive things you wish to occur instead of the outcome you dread. Continue Here…


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