Dream Killers by Nova Giovanni

Nova Sankofa

dreamkiller.novagiovanniDo you have a dream? Do you have a passion? Are you pursuing it now? If not, what happened? Were you discouraged, do you feel like it isn’t realistic, or did life happen? Are you thinking about your dream too much and not actually trying to achieve it? These are all valid questions and scenarios many of us have faced.

Who and what are your dream killers? A lot of times they come in the form of people. They come as people disguised as helpers. You see, if they came as enemies, they wouldn’t even have the power to kill your dreams because you wouldn’t be susceptible1 to their message. You share your goals and vision with them and they tell you, “you can’t do this”, or maybe they say, “how about you ___insert small goal here___?”. Maybe they mean well and don’t want to see you disappointed when…

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