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News Anchor Completely Loses It

He gave it to em raw lol


Obamacare Lies Exposed

Obamacare Lies Exposed

The Obama administration has designed a health care system aimed at defrauding the population, stripping tens of millions of Americans of decent coverage and rationing health care along class lines. It is a scheme largely authored by the insurance and health care industry to boost their profits by depriving people of medicines, tests and procedures and lowering the life expectancy of workers.

This is the essence of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare. It is a health care counterrevolution posing as a progressive “reform.” Its full enactment will have devastating consequences for the health and the very lives of a large majority of the US population.

One of the newly exposed consequences of the ACA is a sharp reduction in a government subsidy that for years defrayed costs to hospitals for uncompensated and undercompensated care given to poor people. These subsidies have helped provide cancer and other life-saving treatments to those who would otherwise have no access to such care.

These funds for safety-net hospitals are set to be reduced by $18 billion through 2020 and by an additional $22 billion by 2019, inevitably resulting in increased suffering, disease and death.

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Postindustrial Cities

Postindustrial Cities

Baltimore makes the NY Times as a “blighted city that prefers razing to rebuilding. 

Shivihah Smith’s East Baltimore neighborhood, where he lives with his mother and grandmother, is disappearing. The block one over is gone. A dozen rowhouses on an adjacent block were removed one afternoon last year. And on the corner a few weeks ago, a pair of houses that were damaged by fire collapsed. The city bulldozed those and two others, leaving scavengers to pick through the debris for bits of metal and copper wire.

“The city doesn’t want these old houses,” lamented Mr. Smith, 36.

For the Smiths, the bulldozing of city blocks is a source of anguish. But for Baltimore, as for a number of American cities in the Northeast and Midwest that have lost big chunks of their population, it is increasingly regarded as a path to salvation. Because despite the well-publicized embrace by young professionals of once-struggling city centers in New York, Seattle and Los Angeles, for many cities urban planning has often become a form of creative destruction. Continue Here…

The Scandal of Racist Marijuana Arrests—and What To Do About It

The Scandal of Racist Marijuana Arrests—and What To Do About It

Most important, police department supervisors at all levels find that marijuana possession arrests are very useful. They are proof of productivity to their superiors; some supervisors also receive overtime pay for the extra work by officers under their command. Making many searches and arrests for minor offenses is also excellent training for rookie police. If a new officer screws up the paperwork, it doesn’t matter because, as one sergeant explained, “it’s just a pot arrest.” And if a crisis or emergency comes up, police commanders can temporarily reassign officers making arrests for marijuana without hindering an ongoing investigation. This “reserve army” of police focusing on petty offenses keeps officers busy, provides records of their whereabouts and productivity, and gives commanders staffing flexibility.

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Lost Faith Ali Feat. Miik Deaux

I’m a supporter of REAL HIP HOP. Hip Hop meaning “Higher Infinite Power Healing Our People.” Music can either be an ultimate healer or destroyer depending on what you subject your ears to. In the case of “Lost Faith” by Ali ft Miik Deaux these two artists share stories of people who’ve lost faith due to their living situations. The flows work, the story telling is deep, and the perspectives are above average. Listen to more Miik Deaux here You can also follow her on Twitter @MiikDeaux

You Won’t Believe Where Silly Putty Is Hiding In Your Food

You Won’t Believe Where Silly Putty Is Hiding In Your Food

There’s an acronym for the way Americans eat. Its called SAD (Standard American Diet). We love to eat fast food, processed food, prepackaged food. Everything but organic, REAL natural foods such as fruits, herbs, and vegetables. This is an investigation about SILLY PUTTY we may be eating on a daily basis and even feeding our children. Over the years, we have become science experiments of those we think we can trust. WE CANT TRUST THEM!

Obama’s Secret Treaty Which Will Merge America More Deeply Into The Emerging One World Economic System


Barack Obama On The Phone In The Oval Office

By Michael Snyder

Did you know that the Obama administration is negotiating a super secret “trade agreement” that is so sensitive that he isn’t even allowing members of Congress to see it?  The Trans-Pacific Partnership is being called the “NAFTA of the Pacific” and “NAFTA on steroids”, but the truth is that it is so much more than just a trade agreement.  This treaty has 29 chapters, but only 5 of them have to do with trade.  Most Americans don’t realize this, but this treaty will fundamentally change our laws regarding Internet freedom, health care, the trading of derivatives, copyright issues, food safety, environmental standards, civil liberties and so much more.  It will also merge the United States far more deeply into the emerging one world economic system.  Initially, twelve nations will be a party to this treaty including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia…

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