Fairy Tales Part 1

Consider this question then close your eyes for a moment and think about it. What does God look like?

If you’re black and envisioned some over-sized white guy hovering above the Earth, CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve been Europeanized (I may have offended the Negropeans reading this). If your god does not look like you, you are a spiritual slave to the ones that introduced you. Christianity for instance, was given to blacks by Europeans during the slave trade. The bible is essentially a book of African history combined with myths and folklore. Which brings me to the worshiping of Jesus. The bible depicts him with white hair like wool. Yet the picture that’s been circulated of him (although there is no other physical attributes besides his hair) just doesn’t quite fit the description. Cliche, I know, but point out one white guy with…okay, nevermind. Moving on, in essence your mind belongs to the enemy. That may not make sense to some initially but it’ll come eventually.

Our ancestors believed that god was more so the idea of cosmic force than a supreme being. They didn’t believe in death instead continuous living. Their idea of heaven was the spirit ascending into the skies above, being one with nature and cosmic law. They also studied the sun, the light of the world. Without the sun, all living things on Earth would cease to exist. Right knowledge teaches us that we are children of the sun. Which explains why they referred to themselves as gods and goddesses.

The bottom line is this, many religions stem from the knowledge stolen from Africans by European conquerors, only to be fabricated and distributed in order to maintain control by manipulating the masses. A little research will reveal how the story of Jesus (the Son of God) directly correlates to Horus (the Sun God). So when I’m asked about belief in God, I respectfully decline and proceed to share the light. I don’t think I’ll ever understand how religion became a debate about who’s god is better. However, with all the mind control and mass manipulation occurring in the world it’s hard to reach many people the first few times, if ever. Some folks, once their mind is set on something, there is no changing it. Change is too frightening, it means people have to come out of their comfort zone so they refuse to accept it. Then, there’s those who simply just don’t give a fxck, which is fine too.


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