Red Pill, blue pill. Choose now. Birds or the bees” – Kendrick Lamar
All along I’ve subtly had those questions about life occurrences. Couldn’t put my finger on it. Its safe to say I remained in limbo for quite a while. Suddenly, one day out of the bright blue sky, it banged me like a bale of “trees.” The missing pieces started coming together. Coincidences weren’t coincidences anymore. I even began questioning a lot of the things we’re taught in state-run schools, just to discover that majority of it is all lies, indeed. Lies, forced down the throats of honest living people. People, so blinded by all of the comfortable distractions that we’re easily misled to believe those lies as facts.
Now I have to make a choice.
Do I dig deeper attempting to discover more or run and hide from it as I’ve done so many other things in life?
I unplugged. I could see what life was actually about. But a lot of things changed. I stopped doing the things I used to do, going the places I used to go, & hanging with those in which I used to hang. Friends and family thought I was loco but I knew better. I wanted everyone to see the same as me, third eye open. Little did I know they were still caught in the matrix, believing any and every thing they’re told.
That’s essentially the Matrix’s red or blue pill concept. Red pill is the equivalent of Philosophy in real life. Having the mental ability to re-evaluate and/or question a situation based on your own thoughts and experiences. Blue pill is synonymous with just the opposite; choosing not to seek knowledge and continuing to allow society to think for you. Though, it’s more comfortable that way, I just couldn’t let it be me. Honestly, I wish that wasn’t the case for any one of us.
Red pill takers follow me, blue pill takers exit top right.                 

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